Endangered Animals, A Global Problem


Endangerment. If an animal goes extinct it will never be seen again. There are already hundreds of species that have gone extinct including dinosaurs. The picture above is a white tiger. They are going extinct. Right now there are many species that are becoming extinct. Some people are breeding some species to increase their numbers but there are some species that we probably will not be able to save.

Snow Leopard in the Altai Mountain region

This is a snow leopard. These animals are going extinct. There are only about 4500 to 7500 alive right now. But, the good thing is, its fluffy. I know what you are thinking right now. I want to hug it. Yea. Me too. The snow leopard is known for their beautiful thick fur. It has a white, yellowish or soft gray coat with rings with black or brown. The snow leopards spots help it camouflage. This animal is going extinct. Another animal that is going extinct is the Amur leopard. These leopards have decreased in numbers because of poaching and habitat loss. There are roughly only about less than 60 Amur leopards alive today. It is pretty sad how much wildlife we have destroyed just to make more space for us.



This is a global issue that could eventually be prevented from happening anymore. Some things that people could do about this is they could start breeding more animals to increase their population. Also another thing that they can do is that people could start planting trees and creating habitats. This would increase the population of a lot of animals because some of the animals that have already gone extinct have gone extinct because of habitat loss.

3 thoughts on “Endangered Animals, A Global Problem

  1. I totally agree with you. I really want to hug a snow leopard after what you said about them being fluffy.

  2. It’s a shame that humans take advantage of the natural resources provided by the Earth. Little do we realize that, in turn, we are hurting ourselves and others. I appreciate that you brought this topic up, just seeing how many animals have gone extinct due to our involvement is depressing. I am also in the Student Blogging Challenge, so check out my blog: https://haleyl2001.edublogs.org

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